Amazon Employee Benefits and Perks

Amazon Employee Benefits 

Literally everyone knows about the famous US based company Amazon which deals in e – commerce, digital streaming and in many other fields. The company is one of the five major US technical leaders and currently employees around 810,000 people in the United States alone. Worldwide the total work force it has is more than 1.2 million. 

Amazon provides exciting amenities and facilities to its employees in order to keep the workforce motivated in what they do as executing business of this magnitude is literally tough without satisfied and happy employees. The perks and basic employee benefits that Amazon provides results in far more quality output in their products, services and deliveries across the world. It helps the company outpace other competitors in the market and to grow Amazon‘s market share in developed and developing economies.

If you are an Amazon employee then please go through this article to know the Amazon Employee benefits and facilities you are eligible for. Even if you are not an employee and want to join the e-commerce sector then checking these benefits may help you in deciding your career path wisely.

Eligibility Requirements for Amazon Employee Benefits

Being a huge multinational organization the company takes care of different needs of the employees and their families including basic requirements such as medical insurance, leaves, post-retirement savings and it also provides many performance based rewards or perks to encourage hardworking employees. 

However there are certain conditions to become eligible for the Amazon Employee Benefits, they are as follows, 

  • A person working in Amazon have to be a full time regular employee. Part timers are not allowed for the benefits. 
  • Anybody working in Amazon in a certain country should have the citizenship or permanent residency of that particular country in order to be eligible

Amazon Employee Benefits – Complete Information

Insurance Facilities

Health InsuranceAmazon Employee Benefits (5)

 The Company provides more than decent health insurance coverage for the employees and their families to meet their medical and hospitalization needs. 

Life Insurance

The employee is covered by a life insurance coverage that assists the dependents of the employee in case of any mishap resulting in the death of the employee. 

Also, financial assistance is provided by the company to the families in case of the accidental death of the employee. 

Disability Insurance

Amazon offers financial and medical support to employees who faced short-term and long-term disability due to any unforeseen event.

Medical Facilities

Amazon also offers payment of medical costs in certain cases of an employee if the situation arises.

Savings Benefits

401(K) PlanAmazon-Employee-Benefits-3

Amazon contributes to its employee’s post-retirement savings by this plan. 

Financial Counselling

Provided by Amazon to the employees for free, it helps the employees in changing their lives by choosing correct investments and saving plans in time.

Leave Facilities

Parental Leave

It is provided to the employees who are soon to be mothers. This leave is a paid leave supported by the Amazon Authority. Soon to be fathers are also provided with a short leave to support their wife. 

Paid Time Off

The Company provides a limited numbers of Paid Time Off (PTO) per annum to the employees. The employees can use these for family vacations or to take sick leaves if any medical condition arises.

Adoption Assistance

The Company provides financial and legal assistance to the parents who wish to adopt a child in order to make the process a hassle free as possible for the soon to be parents.

Tuition Support

About 95% of the costs of tuition is paid by the company to eligible employees for certain courses which really helps the career of an employee.

Amazon Employee Benefits & Perks for Employees

The perks and benefits provided by the company really prove the fact that the company believes in taking care of their employees in order to get quality service from them. Amazon maintains and also updates these benefits in order to satisfy the growing and sometimes changing needs of the employees. The company has a diverse field of workforce and though the basic facilities remain the same all over the world, the company modifies the perks and benefits according to the needs of the employees based on their country and culture.Amazon Employee Benefits (2)

Does Amazon Employee Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

The simple and short answer to this question is NO!. Amazon is a top e-commerce company cares for their employees and is impartial in offering benefits and perks. The part-time employees get the same perks as the full-time employees but the part-time ones have limited paid time off.

Discover Amazon Jobs and Careers

We have added the resources you need to look for if you are looking to apply for a job at the world’s largest E-Commerce company. You can filter down jobs on your needs and area interest, and geographic location.

Amazon’s Job Openings Page

Amazon LinkedIn

This page will help you search for the best job according to your skill set by applying multiple filters. Eventually, it will help you to find new and latest openings near your area.

Amazon Indeed

Another easy way to find new jobs on Amazon is by visiting the Amazon Indeed profile. You can easily filter the best jobs from the wide range of openings in your area.

About Amazon

The company was founded in the year 1994 and have its headquarters in Seattle. Its premium two day delivery service and digital streaming service called Amazon Prime has surpassed the subscriber numbers of 100 million worldwide. It currently has the highest brand value in the global market.


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