American Express Employee Benefits – Complete Details

American Express Employee Benefits

The famous American Express Company or AmEx is a U.S. based financial service Provider Company. It is a multinational organisation with a vast global presence. The organisation was established in the year 1850 and it has its headquarters at 200, Vesey Street, New York. Currently the organisation employs about 68000 individuals all around the world. It has a huge customer base and one of the most satisfied bunch of employees that are not only efficient but also are experienced in providing services to the customers. AMEX is recognized as one of the finest places to work worldwide. With their wide range of AMEX Employee Benefits, the company shows care towards their employees. 

The employees in the AMEX multinational organisation enjoys many benefits, rewards and perks as the organisation’s goal is to maintain the employee motivation in order to achieve its business targets more efficiently. Apart from the basic amenities and benefits given to the employees, they are also provided with added facilities, performance based rewards and discounts in the area of lifestyle shopping. AMEX offers a lot of American Express Employee Benefits and Perks to its staff so that they enjoy while working with their company. The range of comprehensive benefits includes MEX Employee Discounts, AMEX Employee 401 K Benefits, several retiree plans, and much more.American-Express-Employee-Benefits-4-1

In this article detailed information is provided about all the benefits and facilities that are provided to the employees of American Express. If you work fora the organisation, then please check out the complete article to know all about the benefits for which an employee is entitled. This article is also helpful to those who aspire to be working with this reputed multinational company. If you are an employee at American Express, you must read this article to know about the American Express Employee Benefits and Perks.

Essential Eligibility Requirements for Employee Benefits

There are certain eligibility conditions that have to be met in order to become eligible for the employee benefits. The requirements are as follows,

  1. A person should be a full time or regular employee of the American Express.
  2. If a person is employed in American Express in a certain country, then the person must have the citizenship or permanent resident of that country.

Employee Benefits Details – American Express

  1. Medical Insurance & Health Benefits- The organisation provides a decent health insurance for their employees and the families to deal any medical emergencies. Also free annual dental and eye check-ups are organised for all the employees of the organisation as preventive health check-up to ensure the employee’s good health.
  2. Life & Disability Insurance- A very good life insurance is there for the employees to cover them and their families in case of any unfortunate event occur. The company also provides long term and short term disability insurance and assistance to support an employee in case of any accident.
  3. Parental Leave – Fully paid parental leaves are provided in case of new parent. For both the cases of a birth child or a adopted child, the mother and the father is given fully paid maternity and paternity leave.
  4. Paid Time Off (PTO)- The organisation also provides regular holidays to ensure their employees remain refreshed from the work pressure. A limited number of PTOs are also available for the employees per year.American-Express-Employee-Benefits-5-1
  5. Employee Assistance Program- At AmEx, the authority always want positive growth in careers of their employees and they also believes in skill enhancement of the employees. Completely paid trainings, seminars, webinars and workshops are arranged regularly to help the employees in gaining more knowledge and skills for their jobs.
  6. AmEx Employee Discounts- Several discount and offers are applicable for the employees working in the American Express which they can avail when needed.American-Express-Employee-Benefits-1-1

Official AMEX Employee Login Portal & Its Features

All the AMEX Employees can access their employee benefits by logging into the American Express Network. American Express Network is the official employee benefits and business portal of American Express company.

Registered employees of the company can access various features as mentioned below on after logging into the portal.American-Express-Employee-Benefits-3-1

  • American Express Employee Benefits
  • American Express Employee Discounts
  • American Express Careers
  • American Express Employee Email
  • American Express Associate Salary
  • American Express Employee Salary
  • American Express Employee Help Desk
  • American Express Employee Payroll
  • American Express Working Hours

American Express Contact Details

American Express Official Website- 

American Express Recruitment Website- 


American Express Company
World Financial Center
200 Vesey St.
New York, NY 10285 , Ph.No.- 212-640-2000


In the year 2020, the famous business magazine Fortune ranked American Express 9th based on the subject of employee satisfaction. No doubt the rewards and benefits that AmEx provides took the company to the heights where it is ranked 9th among the top 100 global companies. Thank you very much for reading the article and we hope that the article have helped you in getting the information you wanted.

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