ExxonMobil Employee Benefits and Perks – Complete Information

ExxonMobil Employee Benefits and Perks

If you are an employee of Exxon Mobil then this article will guide you through the ExxonMobil Employee Benefits and Perks. Even if you are not an employee and considering career options in the oil sector then ExxonMobil is a really good company to work with.

ExxonMobil offers tons of benefits and perks to their employees to keep them happy, and motivated to give their best at work. Some of the ExxonMobil Employee Benefits are health, dental, and vision insurance, life insurance, death benefits, Short-term and long-term disability insurance, defined benefit pension plans and contribution pension plans, etc. Read this article to know everything about the ExxonMobil Employee Benefits and Perks. ExxonMobil-Employee-Benefits-1

Eligibility for Exxon Mobil Employee Benefits

The company conducts its operations in around 21 nations across the globe and there are certain preconditions that have to be met in order for someone to be eligible for the lucrative benefits and perks. The following are the eligibility criteria, 

  1. A person has to be a regular employee of the organization. 
  2. The concerned person has to be a citizen or permanent resident of the country in which he/she is working for Exxon Mobil.

Details of Employee Benefits – Exxon Mobil

Health Facilities ExxonMobil-Employee-Benefits-2

  1. Medical Benefit: Under this benefit, the employees are offered telemedicine, best medical insurance to them and their families.
  2. Dental Benefit: Preventive dental checkups at regular intervals along with treatment support in case of a crown, braces, and orthodontic services are provided.
  3. Vision Benefits: Periodic and Comprehensive checkups are conducted for the employees and also allowances are given for contact lenses, glasses, and frames.

Insurance Benefits

  1. Life Insurance: All the employees enjoy the life insurance policy offered by the authority which may be needed to the dependents of the employees in case of any unfortunate event. 
  2. Disability Insurance: The insurance is available for both short and long-term needs. Pregnancy and childbirth are also insured under this benefit.

Financial BenefitExxonMobil-Employee-Benefits-4

  1. 401(K) Plan: In this scheme Exxon matches 4% – 6% of the employee’s contribution. 
  2. Pension Schemes: Two distinct type of pension plans i.e. Defined Benefit Pension Plan and Defined Contribution Pension Plan is available for the employees. 
  3. Financial Counselling: Different workshops by expert advisors are organized to enlighten the employees about the need of savings and financial planning.

Leave BenefitsExxonMobil-Employee-Benefits-3

  1. Parental Leaves: A paid leave of 8 weeks are available for new mothers in case of childbirth or adoption. This leave is allowed once for every child of the employee. 
  2. Paid Time Off: PTO of 14 days are available for all the employees per annum. It can also be considered as vacation leave. 
  3. Leave for Absence: Leaves are issued in any case of emergency or urgent requirement of the employee. Medical or dependent care issues, military services etc. are considered in this case.

Tuition Assistance

Eligible employees are duly compensated for their educational fees and another kind of academic support is also provided along with it.

Additional Benefits

  1. Employee Discounts: Employees and their families are provided with discounts on fuel prices and other automotive purposes. 
  2. Adoption Assistance: A sum of $4,000 is provided to the employees adopting a child for all kinds of adoption-related expenses.

Why Exxon Mobil

The perks and benefits that are enjoyed by the Exxon Mobil employees makes it one of the best destination for the qualified engineers and accountants and others to seek a job at the corporation. The tenure at ExxonMobil can be a great boost in somebody’s career timeline.

About Exxon MobilExxonMobil-Employee-Benefits-6

Exxon Mobil stood second in the 2018 Fortune 500’s Most Profitable companies in the United States. It is the largest non-government entity that produces around 3% of the oils produced around the world resulting in producing 2% of the world’s total energy production.


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