Quanta Services Employee Benefits and Perks – Complete Details

Quanta Services Employee Benefits

In order to maintain the excellent level of service Quanta Services provide in the construction sector, Quanta provides many benefits and performance-based perks and bonuses to their employees. If you are an employee of Quanta then you sure would like to check the Quanta Services Employee Benefits and Perks.

The company offers planning, designing, installation and all kind of maintenance work to all kind of industrial, power and gas network type infrastructures. There are many departments in the company to execute all these jobs. Needless to say the company provides excellent amenities and facilities to the employees of each one of the departments to maintain its Synchronism in executing projects in a perfect and speedy way.QUANTA-SERVICES-benefits-2

Employee Benefits Prerequisites for Quanta Employees

There are certain prerequisites for enjoying the Quanta Services Employee Benefits and Perks provided by the company to its employees numbered around 40,000. They are the following, 

  • You have to be an employee on regular payroll of the company.
  • You have to be citizen or permanent resident of the United States in order to qualify for the employee benefits.

What are the Quanta Services Employee Benefits?

Healthcare Support

The Company provides coverage for various regular health checkups to the employees. Complete coverage is given in case of any Dental issues and allowances for braces and dentures are provided.

Medical Insurance

The Company provides one of the best medical or health insurance for the employees and their families. The plans cover almost all type of medical emergencies and helps to support the employee families in their time of need. 

Parental Support

In their famous support program for expecting mothers, all kind of assistance, counselling and medical resources are provided to them.

Telemedicine Facility

The Company also organizes a telemedicine service for their employees. This service is available to the employees 24*7 which is a real help to the employees and their families.

401(K) Plan

The Company matches up to 5% of the employees 100% contribution to this savings plan.

Bonus Pay

It is a performance based perk provided to the employees based upon their annual performance review. It greatly helps in increasing the efficiency of the hardworking and skilled employees which in turn benefits the organization.

Life InsuranceQUANTA-SERVICES-benefits

Insurance for the life of the employee is also maintained by the company to assist the family of an employee who met any unfortunate fatal event.

Disability Insurance

To compensate the families of the employees who faced accidents, short and long term disability insurance coverage is provided by the company.

Parental Leave

Quanta provides the expecting mothers a substantial amount of paid leave to support them in their childbirth. Paid leaves of a relatively short duration is also provided to the new fathers among the employees.  

Paid Time OffQUANTA-SERVICES-benefits

Quanta employees enjoy a limited number of paid holidays per annum.  Also paid holidays are provided on request for medical and dependent care cases as per the situation faced by the employees.

Reasons to prefer a Career in Quanta

Being a large infrastructure service provider, any person’s time in Quanta is a big career boost along with many other employment related benefits, perks and facilities to support and enhance the financial situation. Without a doubt the employee benefits provided by Quanta is of top notch and even exceeds the market standard here in the United States. So if you are looking for a fresh start or a new career option, these benefits might become a big motivation to you to join Quanta.QUANTA-SERVICES-benefits

About Quanta Services

The headquarters of Quanta Services is located in the city of Houston, Texas. It enlisted itself in the famous New York Stock Exchange in the year 1998. It stood at 283rd position among the Fortune 500 companies in 2019.


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