Rowan Companies Employee Benefits and Perks – Complete Details

Rowan Companies Employee Benefits 

Rowan Companies is a British offshore drilling and well drilling company. The Rowan Companies knows the value of it’s employees so they try every possible way to keep them loyal and happy within the companies as the companies offers their employees with attractive Rowan companies benefits and perks. 

Rowan companies offers exclusive healthcare plan, life insurance, dental coverage, 401k plan, vision insurance plan, maternity support program and leaves, healthcare spending account, employee discounts, commuter benefits, paid time off, disability coverage, adoption assistance reimbursement, employee bonuses, tuition reimbursements, development training and many more additional facilities with these facilities mentioned above. If you are an employee at Rowan Companies, you must read this article to know about the Rowan Companies Employee Benefits and Perks.Rowan-Companies-Employee-Benefits-4

Rowan Companies Career Benefits for employees 

The companies offers a huge range of career benefits for their employees so that the employees can have a successful career in the companies. Check all the Rowan Companies Employee Career Benefits here:

Career planning

The career planning sessions helps the employees to evaluate their fields of interest and have a potential career as it also helps the employees to develop skills and gain new insights into the industry.

Coaching and mentoring

The employees are also giving free coaching and mentoring programs so that they can grow and increase productivity

Development resources

The company offers exclusive range of resources for an employees personal and professional growth. The employees are also promoted to participate in workshops and learning groups so they can develop their career

GED reimbursement

The employees are provided with a valuable GED reimbursement policy that includes participation ½ the cost

Rowan-Companies-Employee-Benefits-3Leadership programs

The companies believes in offering courses and seminars to all their employees so that they are encouraged to work and grow as a leader


Rowan companies believes in providing personalised support to their new team members and employees

Recognition programsRowan-Companies-Employee-Benefits-5

 This kind of programs are conducted to identify dedicated team members of the companies and are rewarded for their efforts

Tuition assistance

Tuition fees reimbursement is provided to the employees and the payment of all the costs relating the job certificates and   college degree are carried out by the companies 

Rowan Companies Health Care benefits for employees 

The Rowan companies is also offering extensive health benefits to their employees alongside career benefits. Check all the Rowan Companies Employee Healthcare Benefits here:


Employees are offered with free counselling programs for themselves and their family members as well. The counseling is provided on nutrition and fitness. The employees can opt for counselling for emotional and psychological support to overcome stress related problems  

Dental plan

The employees are benefited with 100% coverage for preventative dental care and some complex dental procedures also a compensation will be provided for dentures and braces

Vision plan

The vision plan provided covers all kinds of eye related medical problems all the  assistance will be given to employees in need and also an additional option is provided that includes the cost of glasses and contact lenses

Health insuranceRowan-Companies-Employee-Benefits-2

Health insurance is an important insurance these days so the companies provides vast range of healthcare benefits and also coverage for numerous tests and procedures is provided

Healthcare spending accounts

A tax free healthcare spending account is provided to the employees for medical necessities there will be no charges and no deductions from this account.


The employees can also enjoy benefits of telehealth policy as this policy is for emergency cases and it covers all the expenses of routine tests, doctors opinions, and other services.

Maternity support program

Maternity support program is for all the female employees who are expecting mothers this program provides access to all the helpful resources for an expecting mother.

Rowan Companies Financial Benefits for the employees 

The Rowan companies believe in offering financial benefits. The employees are benefited from it and even their families. Check all the Rowan Companies Employee Financial Benefits here:

401k plan

The companies provides 401k plan as they match up to 6% of 401k deductions and offer an increase of 25% per year

Adoption assistance reimbursement

The employees can enjoy the reimbursement for the expenses occurred while adopting a child this is an impressive adoption assistance program provided by the companies

Bonus pay

The companies believes in bonuses as they feel it works as small reward for the employees for their efforts

Childcare discount

Childcare discount program attracts all the attention of the employees has they have a discount or low rates for eligible childcare centres 

Commuter benefitsRowan-Companies-Employee-Benefits-1

Commuter benefits are provided for employees who are commuting expenses like trains, buses and parking

Day care spending account

This account/program covers all the costs of daycare while employees are working

Short term disability

This policy helps the employees by having a financial stability during difficult times

Life Insurance

This is an exceptional life insurance provided by the companies as it covers 3 years worth salary of an employee and is provided to them on maturity

Paid volunteer time off

An employee is given 50 hours of paid volunteer time off 

Parental leave

Parental leave is provided for all the mothers and fathers expecting that also includes adoption, surrogacy and foster care.


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