Starbucks Employee Benefits and Perks

Starbucks Employee Benefits

The world’s largest cafeteria chain Starbucks has an impressive record of maintaining employee satisfaction with the company. The company operates more than 32,000 stores in 83 different countries around the world and maintains an efficient workforce to handle the company’s business. 

The employees are indeed doing a great job in maintaining the reputation and service quality of Starbucks. Not only had that, in recent years, the company’s growth scenario also showed major improvement which is not possible without the dedication of the employees. The company understands it very well and provides basic benefits and other performance based perks to the employees in order to keep the moral high among all the levels of its employees, be it the corporate staffs or the employees of the coffee shops. Starbucks-Employee-Benefits-1

If you are a Starbucks employee then you are requested to go through this article know all the details, eligibility and other information regarding the Starbuck Employee Benefits. Even if you are not an employee but you want to take up a job then these benefits might help you to choose Starbucks to work for. 

Starbucks Employee Benefits & Facilities Details

Insurance Facilities

  1. Health Insurance:  The Company allows you to customize a health insurance according to your need. The name of the scheme is ‘Your Special Blend’ and is supported by the company. 
  2. Life Insurance:  Starbucks provide a coverage for insurance of the lives of their employees in order to assist the family members of the employees in case of sudden and unfortunate demise of the employee. 
  3. Disability Insurance:  Starbucks assists employees with long term and short term disabilities with a partial pay for 26 weeks or for half a year.Starbucks-Employee-Benefits-9

Medical Facilities 

The company offers free and regular eye and dental checkups and provides the treatment cost under the Health Insurance scheme.

Savings FacilitiesStarbucks-Employee-Benefits-7

  1. 401(K) Plan:  Starbucks contributes to the employees’ pension fund using the 401(K) savings scheme. 
  2. Stock Purchase Facility:  Starbucks encourages its employees to purchase the stocks of Starbucks at a slightly discounted rate as an investment. This is a great investment option for the employee. The Scheme is named the ‘Bean Stock’ program.

Free Coffee & Snacks

The employees can take a bag of coffee each week as a perk for working in the Starbucks. The employees are also allowed to have free drinks and snacks during their working time for refreshment purposes.Starbucks-Employee-Benefits-2

Employee Assistance ProgramStarbucks-Employee-Benefits-3

  1.  Financial Counselling:  The employees are provided with expert counselling to handle their finances in the best possible way. 
  2. Personal Counselling:   Psychological and mental counselling is also provided by Starbucks to their employees in order to overcome stress and disorders. It helps the employees to live a healthy life both in their personal and professional sphere.

Adoption Assistance

 The Company provides legal and financial assistance in the adoption process that helps the employees to be less worried about their new parenthood. A maximum limit of $ 4000 is allowed in this regard.

Tuition Assistance

The eligible employees of Starbucks can have an assistance for their educational expenditures from $ 500 to $ 1000 per annum, if they have been working in Starbucks for more than a year. 

Important Information – Starbucks Employee Benefits

Starbucks offers many facilities and amenities to its employees and being a multinational organization it fulfills its responsibilities to its employees very well. Also it has a very good customer satisfaction record which can only be achieved if the employees are comfortable and satisfied with their workspace, pay and benefits.Starbucks-Employee-Benefits-4

Starbucks Customer Service

For general inquiries, call Starbucks on 18602660010. You can also send an email on

For queries regarding the Starbucks Card, please send an email to

Are you looking to work with Starbucks, then check the Starbucks Career Page.

About Starbucks

Starbucks was founded in the year 1971 and by the aggressive marketing and expansion policies that continued from 1986 till 2000 reached the heights of doing business in Coffee shop chains. The company enjoys a ranking of 114 among the Fortune 500 companies. Starbucks operates stores both in Franchise and Licensed models.


If you are looking to start your career with Starbucks, then it is very important to know all. theStarbucks employee benefits and perks beforehand. We hope this article on Starbucks Employee Benefits and Perks was useful for you. Thanks for visiting our website Let us know if you have any queries or suggestions in the comment section below.

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