Uber Employee Benefits and Perks

Uber Employee Benefits

The famous app based ride and food Delivery Company Uber operates in 900 cities around the globe. It has a whopping 71% of the US market share and around 22% of the global market share. It has a huge numbers of car owners, driver partners worldwide to operate at the level it conducts business.  Uber in spite of being a relatively new company, offers various perks, benefits and amenities to it’s employees. It provides basic necessities of an employee like health facilities, leave facilities and savings benefits. Apart from these basic facilities, many other amenities and facilities are also provided to an Uber employee. Uber has around 3 million registered drivers and partners around the world with about 20,000 employees working in their corporate offices. Employee benefits are the most efficient and effective way to satisfy this large work pool to operate and even to make growth in the huge market.


However there are some prerequisite to be eligible for having the benefits that Uber offers to its employees. If you are an Uber employee then please go through this article to know all the B and perks you are eligible for. The details, conditions and other information are clearly provided in this article. 

Prerequisites to be Eligible for Uber Employee Benefits

Following are the few conditions that have to be met in order to become eligible for the employee benefit and facilities program by Uber:

  1. Regular and permanent employees are only eligible for these benefits. 
  2. An individual should be a citizen or permanent resident of the country he/she is working with Uber. 
  3. Uber partners and drivers are not eligible for these benefits.

Details of Employee Benefits and Facilities – UberUber-Employee-Benefits-4

Medical Facilities

  • Health Insurance: Uber provides a decent health insurance policy for its employees and their families to assist them in the time of any medical need or emergency. 
  • Vision Checkup facility: Uber organizes regular eye related checkups for their employees and eye accessories like Glasses, Lenses and frames are provided to the employees if needed by the company.

Insurance Benefits

  1. Life Insurance: The Company provides Life insurance coverage for each of its regular employees to help the dependents of the employees if any unfortunate event occurs. 
  2. Disability Insurance: Different kind of Disability Insurance is also provided by the company.

Savings PlansUber-Employee-Benefits-2

  1. 401(K) Plan: Uber contributes to this savings scheme to ensure the employee’s financial independence post retirement. 
  2. Financial Counselling: Periodic counselling by financial experts are also provided by the company.

Leave Facility

  1. Medical Leaves: Uber offers leave to its employees for any medical situation in the employee’s family. 
  2. Parental Leaves: 18 weeks of maternal leave is provided to the employees who are expecting to be a mother. 

Paternal leave are also provided if the same is applied for by any employee. 

Military Leave

In case of an employee executing his/her military duties then special leave of absence is provided to the employee by Uber.

Other Exciting Facilities

  1. Free Lunch: Uber provides free lunch at their offices to every employees.
  2. Discounts in Cell Networks: All the employees get an awesome $ 50 credit for their cell phone related expenditures.

Vacation and PTO

100 hours of vacation as Paid Time off (PTO) is provided to the employees per annum.



The Company provides a discount of 17% to its employees if they uses Uber cabs or Uber eats for their personal or family purposes

Gist of the Uber Employee Benefits

The benefits offered by Uber are many and its employees are more than satisfied with those. The benefits does not change with place and job role but one thing to remember is these benefits are not applicable for drivers working as a partner with Uber. Apart from the benefits Uber also provides a flexible work schedule for its employees and drivers so that they can give their best while working for Uber.

Discover Uber Jobs and Careers

If you are looking for a job at Uber, then Uber offers a lot of entry level jobs to start your carrer with them. Check the below Uber reources to find a job that suits your skillset and qualification levels.

Uber :Careers

If you are looking for a job at Uber, you need to visit the Uber careers page. You can filter suitable jobs for you  using filters like teams, sub-teams, locations, and even benefits. Uber offers tons of opportunties in teams for Community Operations, Business Development, Data Science & Analytics, Communications, Legal, Engineering, and Sales, among others.

Uber : LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find a suitable job at Uber from over 7,800 associate-level job positions oper worldwide. You can set alerts to get notifications everytime an opportunity comes.

Uber Indeed

You can also find jobs at Uber on Indeed by setting filters like salary estimates, employment type, experience level, and location. So, LinkedIn and Uber Carrers Page is not the only option you got.

Uber Glassdoor

Glassdoor is where you can search and apply for open roles at Uber corporate and partner sides. You can apply a variety of filters to sort jobs by specific job titles, locations, and other relevant positions. Uber keeps advertised job positions like Delivery Partner, Senior Software Engineer, Driver Partner, and Backend Engineer on Glassdoor.

About Uber

Uber Technologies Inc. was founded in the year 2009 and it has its headquarters in the city of San Francisco, California. It spread in around 63 countries serving a total of 73 million customers across the globe.


We hope this article on Uber Employee Benefits and Perks was useful for you. You should know all the Uber Employee Benefits before building your career with Uber. Thanks for visiting our website employeebenefit.vip. Let us know if you have any queries or suggestions in the comment section below.

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